Real time SEO is about the care and feeding of a website. To care for a website means to nourish that site with the best possible creatively written content about the business model being promoted. True SEO is about making certain that all pieces of the promoting puzzle are locked firmly into place. Down in the trenches SEO is about daily posting of good original content to blogs, forums, websites, images, podcasts and videos to assure that the search engine spider bots place the information exactly where it needs to be.

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April 17, 2021

Content Marketing


What is content marketing?  Any time that you publish live content on the web such as to blogs, forums, podcasts, videos, images or anywhere else that publishes content, this can be termed content marketing.  The quality of the content that you produce, NOT the quantity, is the deciding factor as to whether your Internet project is a success or not.

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Adding New Podcast Formats

I have been busy the last few weeks adding different podcast formats to

Some of the new services are Google Podcasts, Podbean, iHeart Radio, TuneIn and Spotify.  I will be adding additional services over time as well.  I think that the new additions add some definite positive attributes to the site for thoes seeking to listen to my search engine optimization podcasts.

Butch Hamilton - SEO Master


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April 15, 2021

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April 13, 2021

Butch Hamilton Videos

Welcome to Butch Hamilton Videos! is dedicated to the advertising, promotion and marketing of Search Engine Optimization Services by Butch Hamilton The aged domain name of had its first beginnings on the world wide web in 2007.  In those days on the www, the domain hosted much information about MLM and network marketing and getting top positions on keywords and phrases chosen for marketing those businesses.  It was highly successful in that venture.

Today, the domain name will once again be used for the advancement of the SEO services provided by Butch Hamilton.

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April 11, 2021

This Podcast is Rated PG!


I Downloaded the Podbean App

Last evening, I decided to download the Podbean App on my iphone.  I clicked something and was met with the worst, foul, ghetto trash language and ridiculous conversations that I personally had ever heard before.  I believe people, if you can call them that, should be responsible when using Podbean to host their podcast as it really is a super service.  People like this, give all of us who podcast a bad name.  I trust that my podcast will reach many listeners today as I believe that we all have a choice on how to conduct ourselves both online and offline.

The information that is provided by Butch Hamilton will always be rated PG!!!

Butch Hamilton - SEO Master

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April 10, 2021

SEO Talks

Butch Hamilton Podcasts

Live Events on YouTube about Search Engine Optimization!

I am planning to host live events on YouTube talking about various aspects of search engine optimization.  Please understand one thing about me.  I am passionate about SEO as it has been my livelihood for many years, but more than that.  It is my path, or my destiny that I have known for many years.  For some reason, I was always an author.  Even from an early age, I knew how to write good information on the topics I chose.  Little did I know that my path would lead me to the search engine optimization field in 2003.

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Butch Hamilton - SEO Master

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Place Content on Google Where You Want It to Go!

Did you know that it is entirely possible to train the search engine spiders of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter and all of the other major publishing systems?  It absolutely is!  By telling the search engine spiders exactly where you wish your content to be placed, they will follow your guidelines to the letter.  The trick is this.  YOU must begin to write your content and think like a spider bot!

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Butch Hamilton - SEO Master

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The Beginning of Good Things!


I am pleased to announce the arrival of  I have renewed this domain and will be using it to broadcast my search engine optimization podcasts on Podbean.  I am loving this new format that Podbean offers to subscribers.  I find their system has everything that I am looking for in a great podcasting hosting system, as well as offering me the ability to use my own domain name in the production of my podcasts.  I realize the hard work and effort that it takes to bring such a system as this to its full potential.  Therefore, I am dedicating this particular podcast to than the men and women who spend their quality time in making sure that all of the website functions and features are easy to use, updated frequently and provide an excellent location in which to podcast.


Thanks Podbean!


Butch Hamilton - SEO Master

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April 5, 2021


Can you give me back my good name on Google?  Read more about this @

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I have created a new YouTube channel located @  Please come, visit, listen, subscribe, like, comment, discuss and enjoy!

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